Scofflaw (Boot) program


In an effort to reduce the number of unpaid parking tickets, the Municipality of Norristown passed Ordinance #04-16 of 2004.


A vehicle is eligible to be booted if it has three (3) delinquent tickets for three (3) separate occasions




1.     You must contact both District Courts and pay off or address all outstanding parking tickets.

a.      Magisterial District 38-1-15

Francis J. Lawrence, Jr. 

200 W. Main St.

                      Norristown, Pa 19401

              b.    Magisterial District 38-1-16

                                                  Margaret A. Hunsicker 

                                                  754 E. Johnson Hwy.

                     Norristown, Pa 19401

                     c.     Magisterial District 38-02-09

                     Greg Scott 

                      601 Dekalb Street

                      Norristown, PA 19401


2.   Bring the receipts to the Norristown Police Department, 

      where all in-house tickets must be paid.


3.   An administration fee of $100.00 must also be paid to the

      Municipality of Norristown.


Once all parking tickets and administration fees are paid, an officer will remove the boot. 


Booted vehicles may be towed after 72 hours if the tickets and fees are not addressed.





Norristown Parking Divsion

Municipality of Norristown
235 East Airy Street
Norristown, PA 19401

Phone: 610-272-8080
Fax: 610-275-0687

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