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Norristown is the strategic place to start or expand your business.









Norristown’s walkable downtown offers independent retailers and restaurateurs the best of both worlds - local expenditure and the opportunity to capture expenditure potential from  a broad trade area including two major shopping complexes located within three miles of Norristown. The full strategy is available below.


Norristown Retail Strategy 2017




The downtown area offers more than 2,500 on- and off-street parking spaces. The downtown parking occupancy findings reported in Norristown’s most recent comprehensive parking analysis indicate that additional parking is available both on- and off-street in the downtown.


Traffic Counts

Commercial opportunities in Downtown Norristown have high visibility and convenient access from main thoroughfares. Average annual daily traffic (AADT) counts are more than 14,400 on Main Street between Dekalb and Markley Streets, more than 9,000 on Dekalb Street between Lafayette and Airy Streets, and 27,300 on Markley. The planned conversion of Dekalb to a two-way street would serve to improve access to Downtown Norristown, as well as bring greater visibility to businesses along Dekalb Street.



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