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Businesses locating in downtown Norristown may be eligible for the following programs and incentives:


  • LERTA - The Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance (LERTA) program is a tax abatement program designed to encourage owner-driven revitalization and new construction in the Municipality's Redevelopment Area. Properties that qualify for LERTA  receive a graduated property tax abatement for a term of ten years. The abatement is for increased property taxes  due to a reassessment based on improvements to a property. The abatement allows property owners the opportunity to offset some of costs of redevelopment, and possible invest in future improvements. 

Download the LERTA Application


  • Keystone Enterprize Zone -  Tax credit based program for eligible entities (see program guidelines below), in addition to Enterprise Zone Revolving Loan funds.

Download the Keystone Enterprise Zone Guidelines


  • Redevelopment Authority of Montgomery County (RDA) - Revolving Loans - The RDA provides redevelopment support to Norristown in a variety of areas, among other programs, it administers Norristown's PA Enterprise Zone program which provides tax credits to eligible entities (above).  Other areas of redevelopment support include the disposition of properties certified as blighted, and the implementation of the Economic Redevelopment Initiative component of Norristown current Capital Improvement Plan.  More information on the RDA's services can be found at 

  • Historic Facade Grant Program - Building facades are a critical part of any redevelopment and revitalization effort. Norristown's Historic Facade Program affords owners of commercial and multi-family residential properties the opportunity to enhance their building's historic facade. The Department of Planning & Municipal Development provides dollar for dollar matching funds up to $7,500 for each eligibile property. Funding sources have included Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) and County Revitalization Funds.  may qualify for funds to upgrade their facades or storefronts under the Historic Facade Program.

Download the Historic Facade Grant Program Application


  • Norristown Small Business Assistance Center (NSBAC)—a partnership of the Municipality of Norristown and The Enterprise Center of Philadelphia. The NSBAC provides technical support to qualifying individuals and entities.  Support ranges from business finances, business marketing - to business meetups and educational programs.  Additionally, on behalf of Norristown, the NSBAC also serves as the initial point of contact for the Enterprise Center's loan program.  For more information contact Bryan Smith, Business Consultant, Small Business Assistance Center at 610-277-1085.  The office is located at 266 E Main Street Suite 7, Norristown, PA.
  • Main Street Economic Initiative - Funded through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant Program, the Main Street Economic Development Initiative (MIEDI) is designed to help in job creation and retention in the Norristown Downtown Business District. Financial assistance up to $35,000/job (in incremental disbursements) is available to qualifying business operations to create and/or retain jobs within the Municipality.

Download the Economic Development Initiative Application


Department of Planning & Municipal Development
235 East Airy Street
Norristown, PA 19401

Phone: 610-270-0452
Fax: 610-270-2892

For additional information about new construction, redevelopment and/or relocation opportunities in Norristown, please contact Jayne Musonye, Director of Planning and Municipal Development at