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Norristown has the pedestrian friendly streets and connectivity that today's residents and employers are looking for


The pedestrian-friendly scale of Norristown's streets promotes walking.


Norristown offers an attractive, compact built environment with many historically significant buildings along with well-located opportunity sites perfect for redevelopment. Today Norristown is a vibrant, walkable urban-scaled community in the heart of the Philadelphia suburbs.


According to the Urban Land Institute:

“America in 2013” survey, members of Generation Y [the 80 million person “Baby Boom echo” born between 1982 and 2004] “place a priority on living in diverse communities with many different housing options in an urban environment. . . they want to have public transportation as an option and value its presence in their neighborhoods. . . Of all age groups, they care the most about whether or not they live in walkable communities. . .”


From seniors who remember what life was like when most families did not own a car to their great grandchildren, Norristown’s walkable character has appeal across generations.


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For additional information about new construction, redevelopment and/or relocation opportunities in Norristown, please contact Jayne Musonye, Director of Planning and Municipal Development at