Montgomery County, Pennsylvania  
Resolution No. 15-146 of 2015  
FEE Schedule  
VIII.  FIRE DEPARTMENT              
  1.   Fire/Incident Report            $25.00  
      Non-Certificate Fire Safety Training for a maximum of 25 students    
      For profit organization (45 minutes)        $550.00  
      Non-profit organization (45 minutes)        $225.00  
    a. Black and White (per print)          $10.00  
    b. Digital (per print)            $15.00  
    c. Digital Photos on Disc (per image or disc)        $200.00  
  2.   Commercial Fire Inspection            
      Commercial Units-Low Hazard Occupancy (Ambulatory health care, banks, barbers and beauty shops, retail, etc.)  
      1-2000 square feet          $110.00  
      2,001-5,000 square feet          $160.00  
      5,001-10,000, square feet          $210.00  
      10,001-100,000 square feet          $260.00  
      100,001 square feet or greater        $310.00  
      Commercial Units-Moderate Hazard Occupancy (Manufacturing, bakeries, auto repair, auto body etc.)  
      1-2000 square feet          $150.00  
      2,001-5,000 square feet          $200.00  
      5,001-10,000, square feet          $250.00  
      10,001-100,000 square feet          $320.00  
      100,001 square feet or greater        $400.00  
      Commercial Units-High Hazard Occupancy (Wholesale and retail sales and storage of flammable and combustible liquids, liquid stores and distributors without bulk storage, stationary batteries used for facility emergency power or telecommunication facilities, etc.)  
      1-2000 square feet          $200.00  
      2,001-5,000 square feet          $250.00  
      5,001-10,000, square feet          $300.00  
      10,001-100,000 square feet          $400.00  
      100,001 square feet or greater        $500.00  
VIII.  FIRE DEPARTMENT (Continued)            
  2.   Commercial Fire Inspection (continued)          
      The property owner may be charged an additional fee for the cost of the third-party inspectors, engineers or other professional needed to complete the inspection or re-inspection or plan review.  
      Fire inspection fees include the cost of two (2) inspections, the initial and one re-inspection.  Additional inspections required because of the failure of the work to pass the initial two inspections, shall result in the assessment of $30.00 for each additional inspection.  
  3.   Fire Department Operational Permit Fees          
              Permit Fee  
      Aerosol Products            $75.00  
      Amusement Buildings          $75.00  
      Aviation Facilities            $75.00  
      Carnivals and Fairs            $75.00  
      Cellulose Nitrate Film          $75.00  
      Combust Dust Producing Operations        $75.00  
      Combustible Fibers            $75.00  
      Compressed Gases            $75.00  
      Covered Mall Buildings    $50.00   PLUS  $0.05 per square foot
      Cryogenic Fluids            $75.00  
      Cutting and Welding            $75.00  
      Dry Cleaning Plants            $75.00  
      Exhibits and Trade Shows    $50.00   PLUS  $0.05 per square foot
      Explosives            $1,050.00  
      Fire Hydrants and Valves    $50.00   PLUS  $2.00 per device
      Flammable/ Combustible Liquids  $50.00   PLUS  $0.05 per gallon
      Floor Finishing            $75.00  
      Fruit and Crop Ripening          $75.00  
      Fumigation/ Thermal Insect Fogging        $75.00  
      Hazardous Materials      $100.00   PLUS  $0.05 per square foot
      HPM Facilities      $100.00   PLUS  $0.05 per square foot
      High Piled Storage      $50.00   PLUS  $0.05 per square foot
      Hot Work Operations            $75.00  
VIII.  FIRE DEPARTMENT (Continued)            
  3.   Fire Department Operational Permit Fees (continued)        
              Permit Fee  
      Industrial Ovens            $75.00  
      Lumber Yards/ Wood Work Plants  $100.00   PLUS  $0.05 per square foot
      Liquid/ Gas Fueled Vehicles/ Equipment in Building      $75.00  
      LP Gas              $75.00  
      Magnesium            $75.00  
      Miscellaneous Combust Storage          $75.00  
      Open Burning            $75.00  
      Open Flames and Torches          $75.00  
      Open Flames and Candles          $75.00  
      Organic Coatings            $75.00  
      Places of Assembly (Churches Exempt)        $75.00  
      Private Fire Hydrants            $250.00  
      Pyrotechnic Special Effects Material        $2,000.00  
      Proxylin Plastics            $75.00  
      Refrigeration Equipment          $75.00  
      Repair Garages/ Motor Fuel          $75.00  
      Rooftop Heliports            $600.00  
      Spraying and Dipping            $325.00  
      Storage Scrap Tires and Tire Byproduct  $500.00   PLUS  $0.05 per square foot
      Temp Membrane, Tents and Canopies        $125.00  
      Tire Rebuilding Plants    $500.00   PLUS  $0.05 per square foot
      Waste Handling      $1,000.00   PLUS  $0.05 per square foot
      Wood Products      $1,000.00   PLUS  $0.05 per square foot
  4.   Fire Department Emergency Response Fees        
    a. Apparatus                
      Engine  (per hour)            $350.00  
      Aerial Ladder/Quint (per hour)        $400.00  
      Rescue/Marine Unit (per hour)        $300.00  
      Utility/Support Unit (per hour)          $150.00  
      Chiefs/Command Vehicle (per hour)        $150.00  
VIII.  FIRE DEPARTMENT (Continued)            
  4.   Fire Department Emergency Response Fees (continued)        
    b. Personnel                
      Career Fire Personnel (each employee) (per hour)      $40.00  
    c. Equipment              
      Self-Contained Breathing apparatus(SCBA) (each)      $50.00  
      Multi Gas Meter (per use)          $50.00  
      Fire Extinguisher (any class) (per use)        $50.00  
      Hose (Per 50’)            $25.00  
      Fire Police Services (per hour)        $100.00  
      Road Closing/Traffic Control (per hour)        $100.00  
      Flares (each)            $8.00  
      Hand Tools (each)            $15.00  
      Hydraulic Rescue Tools (each)        $200.00  
      Scene Lighting (per hour)          $75.00  
      Oil Booms (each)            $20.00  
      Oil Absorbent Pads (each)          $10.00  
      Oil Dry (per bucket/bag)          $35.00  
      Portable Pumps (per hour)          $30.00  
      Power Tools (each)            $50.00  
      Salvage Covers (each)          $35.00  
      Debris Cleanup/Removal          $250.00  
      Ventilation Fans (each)          $50.00  
      Thermal Imaging Camera (each)        $100.00  
      Foam (gallon)            $60.00  
      Cribbing passenger vehicle (eacvh)        $100.00  
      Cribbing Class B vehicle (each)        $200.00  
      Cribbing Trucks – Class A vehicle (each)      $500.00  
      Stabilization Struts (per use)          $50.00  
      Latex Gloves (per pair)          $2.00  
      Portable Ladders (per use)          $35.00  
      Medical Extrication(w/ Hydraulics Rescue Tools (per patient)  $1,500.00  
      Generator (per hour)          $50.00  
      Hand lights (per use)          $5.00  
      Wetting agent (per unit)          $25.00  
      Fire Line Tape (per foot)          $0.25  


Municipality of Norristown
235 East Airy Street
Norristown, PA 19401

Phone: 610-272-8080
Fax: 610-275-0687

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