Municipal Legislation

Every year the Municipal Council of Norristown pass laws and enact rules and regulations aimed at ensuring public safety, promoting government efficiency, and improving the quality of life of everyone who lives, works, or visits the Municipality of Norristown. Each January, municipal staff submit all of the laws (i.e. ordinances and resolutions) authorized by Council in the previous year to be included in Norristown's General Codes and Laws (which is available online HERE). The General Code, along with outlining Norristown's Municipal Charter, encompasses every law that is active and applicable to living, working, or visiting the Municipality. 


This page is dedicated to the Ordinances and Resolutions passed by Council that have yet to be incoporated into the General Codes and Laws governing the Municipality of Norristown. 


Recent Ordinances (Updated April 25, 2017)

Ordinance 17-01: Zoning Amendment                 Approved and Enacted Apr. 18;

Ordinance 17-02: General Obiligation Bonds     Approved and Enacted Mar. 21; 

Ordinance 17-03: Bond Issuance                          Approved and Enacted Mar. 21; 

Ordinance 17-04: Code Amendments                  Approved and Enacted Apr. 4; 


See bottom of the page for 2016 Ordinances enacted by Council


Recent Resolutions (Updated April 5, 2017)

Resolution 17-101: 2017 Council Meeting Schedule -- Enacted Jan. 3; 

Resolution 17-102: Appointment of Professional Staff -- Enacted Jan. 3; 

Resolution 17-103: Disabled Parking Approval/Removal -- Enacted Jan. 17;

Resolution 17-104: Land Development: 220 W. Main Street  -- Enacted Jan. 17;

Resolution 17-105: Stony Creek/Saw Mill Run Greenway -- Enacted Jan. 17;

Resolution 17-106: Capital Projects Approval -- Enacted Jan. 17;

Resolution 17-107: Lease-Purchase Agreement -- Enacted Jan. 17;

Resolution 17-108: Disabled Parking Approval/Removal  -- Enacted Jan. 17;

Resolution 17-109, 17-110, 17-111: Hiring New Police Offices -- Enacted Feb. 7;

Resolution 17-112: Zoning Amendment Application Fee Change -- Enacted Feb. 7;

Resolution 17-113: Appointments to Boards & Committees -- Enacted Feb. 7;

Resolution 17-114: Land Development: 1301 Powell Street -- Enacted Feb. 21;

Resolution 17-115: Disabled Parking Approval/Removal -- Enacted Mar. 7;

Resolution 17-116: Appointments to Boards & Committees -- Enacted Mar. 7;

Resolution 17-117: Greenway Grant Application Approval -- Enacted Mar. 7;

Resolution 17-118: Conditional Use Hearing - 750 Markley Street -- Enacted Mar. 21;

Resolution 17-119: Petition to Vacate Right of Way - 220 W. Main Street -- Enacted Mar. 21;

Resolution 17-120: Appointments to Boards & Committees -- Enacted Mar. 21;

Resolution 17-121: Disabled Parking Approval/Removal  -- Enacted Apr. 4;

Resolution 17-122: Promotion to Police Corporal  -- Enacted Apr. 4;

Resolution 17-123: Appointments to Board & Committees  -- Enacted Apr. 4;

Resolution 17-124: Disabled Parking Approval/Removal  -- Enacted Apr. 4;

Resolution 17-125: Land Development Approval - 27 W. Fornanace St. -- Enacted Apr. 18;

Resolution 17-126: Land Development Approval - 1403-1405 Plymouth Blvd. -Enacted Apr. 18;


2016 Ordinances (all executed and in effect)

Ordinance 16-01: Taxpayers Bill of Rights

Ordinance 16-02: Floodplain Ordinance Amendment

Ordinance 16-03: Firefighters Pension Plan Amendment

Ordinance 16-04: General Obligation Amendment

Ordinance 16-05: CDBG Plan for 2016

Ordinance 16-06: Abandoned Property Ordinance

Ordinance 16-07: Floodplain Ordinance Amendment

Ordinance 16-08: Zoning Amendment

Ordinance 16-09: Snow Emergency Routes

Ordinance 16-10: Firefighters Pension Plan Amendment

Ordinance 16-11: Responsible Contractors

Ordinance 16-12: Bid Review Committee

Ordinance 16-13: Snow Emergency Route Amendment

Ordinance 16-14: Lost or Stolen Gun Registration

Ordinance 16-15: CDBG 2017 Budget

Ordinance 16-16: Municipal Budget 2017


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