Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Resolution No. 15-146 of 2015
FEE Schedule
  1.   Summer Playground Program      
      Residents          $250.00 per child
      Non-Residents        $350.00 per child
  2.   Park Permits          
      A permit is required for the use of Municipal Parks for organized events.  A fee shall be charged for the use of Elmwood Park, Simmons Park, MLK Park, Blue Mill Field, Achey’s, Cherry Street and Scag Cottman based on the size of the group.
      Permits for exclusive use of any pavilion will be additional $100.00 ($50.00 fee plus $50.00 security deposit).  
      Permit fees for the use of any park or pavilion by any non-resident, shall be double the base fee.
      All permit holders must have the permit in their possession at the time when the facility is in use.  
      Security deposits will be refunded provided the park is free of trash and damage.
    a. 20-50 persons   ($25.00 fee/$25.00 security deposit per day)    $50.00
    b. 51-100 persons   ($50.00 fee/$50.00 security deposit per day)    $100.00
    c. 101-200 persons   ($100.00 fee/$100.00 security deposit per day)    $200.00
    d. 201-300 persons   ($150.00 fee/$150.00 security deposit per day)    $300.00
    e. Over 300 persons   ($200.00 fee/$200.00 security deposit per day)    $400.00
  3.   Facility and Recreation        
      Norristown Based Teams Use of Fields      
              Per use 10-19 games 20+ games
      Adult League Fees          
      Lights     $50.00    
      Lights and Lined Fields $75.00    
      Day Games/Municipality Lined Fields $25.00 $150.00 $250.00
      Day Games/League Lined Fields $10.00 $50.00 $100.00
X.  PARKS AND RECREATION (continued)      
  3.   Facility and Recreation (continued)      
      Youth League          
      Lights     $50.00    
      Lights and Lined Fields $65.00    
      Day Games/Municipality Lined Fields $15.00 $75.00 $150.00
      Day Games/League Lined Fields No Charge No Charge No Charge
      Other Teams Use of Fields        
      Lights     $60.00    
      Lights and Lined Fields $90.00    
      Day Games/Municipality Lined Fields $50.00    
      Day Games/League Lined Fields $35.00    
      Tournament Play at Softball Fields      
      Per each Weekend Tournament $100.00    
      Basketball League (per person)  $250.00    
      Includes use of portable toilet and trash and debris removal at Simmons Park while operating league Norristown Based Teams Use of Fields.
      To receive a discount or in lieu of paying any fee for use of the fields, teams may provide the following in-kind contributions:
        Pre-season field maintenance Free    
        Post-season maintenance Free    
        Purchase of Pallet of Diamond Dry Free    
        Purchase two (2) pallets of Guideline Marker Free    
        Purchase a set of Bases 50% Discount    
        Purchase and Install scoreboard bulbs 50% Discount    


Municipality of Norristown
235 East Airy Street
Norristown, PA 19401

Phone: 610-272-8080
Fax: 610-275-0687

Open House starts at 4:00 P.M.

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