Reserved handicap parking:


The purpose of this program is to provide residential on street parking to residents whose mobility is limited to such a degree, by one or more medical conditions, that parking within close proximity of their residence is required to allow the applicant to continue to function independently.


Reserved handicap parking spaces are erected in accordance with state law; Title 75 sec. 3354 (d) (2)

“At the request of a person with a disability or severely disabled veteran, local authorities may erect on the highway as close as possible to the person’s or veteran’s place of residence a sign or signs indicating that that place is reserved for a person with a disability or severely disabled veteran, that no parking is allowed there by others, and that any unauthorized person parking there shall be subject to a fine and may be towed.


Parking spaces reserved by the municipality are for an individual resident, no parking is permitted by anyone else, regardless if that person posses a handicap placard or registration plate or not.




1.     Parking ticket appeal

2.     Reserved handicap parking space

3.     Reserved handicap parking space renewal

4.     Residential Zone Parking Permit application


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Officer Rambo 610-270-0430

Email: or Ticket office 610-270-0426


Norristown Parking Division

Municipality of Norristown
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Norristown, PA 19401

Phone: 610-272-8080
Fax: 610-275-0687

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