Norristown is our home, let's keep it clean!

Rules for trash collection:

  • MUST be placed in a container with a secure lid. NO loose bags of trash.
  • No more than than four containers allowed.
  • Do NOT put your trash out more than 18 hours prior to your scheduled trash collection times.
  • Do NOT leave your trash cans out more than 18 hours after it has been collected.
  • Find a place on your property to store your trash cans—not in the alley or at the curb.
  • Any loose trash must be picked up and deposited in your trash can.
  • Yard waste collection is the second full week of every month, and will always occur the day after your regular collection. Use container or biodegradable bags, NO PLASTIC BAGS!
  • Limit of one bulk item (mattress, furniture, etc.) on your regular pick-up day.
Do Do Not Do Not
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Trash Only—In cans with lids no more than 18 hours prior to your regularly scheduled collection time.

Do not set cans out without a lid. They may get wet or cause litter.

Do not set plastic bags out alone. They can break and cause litter.

For more information, contact J.P. Mascaro At 800-432-1616.


***There is a four container limit. If your trash is over the limit due to house, attic or basement clean-outs, you need to make special arrangements with J.P. Mascaro or another hauler to remove the trash for an extra fee.


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