Trash collection and recycling in Norristown is contracted with J.P Mascaro.  Questions or problems with your pick-up can be addressed to J.P Mascaro by calling 800-432-1616.

Trash & Recycling Rules (effective April 1, 2021)

Here are some quick rules to help you do trash and recycling right:

  • All trash must be placed in the brown wheeled cart with a secure lid. No loose bags of trash.
  • No more than four containers allowed.
  • Do not put your trash out more than 18 hours prior to your scheduled trash collection times.
  • Do not leave your trash cans out more than 18 hours after it has been collected.
  • Find a place on your property to store your trash cans (not in the alley or at the curb).
  • Any loose trash must be picked up and deposited in your trash can.
  • Yard waste collection- The SECOND SATRUDAY of every month. Use container or biodegradable bags, and no plastic bags.
  • Bulk waste collection- The FIRST AND THIRD SATURDAYS of every month. Up to two bulk items (mattress, furniture, etc.) per household per pickup - four items for the month.
  • Recycling- Please use the brown cart with the blue lid for recycling. Do not place recyclable items in plastic bags: place directly in the recycle can.
Trash can with lid

Do place trash in cans with lids no more than 18 hours prior to your regularly scheduled collection time.

Trash can without lid

Do not set cans out without a lid. They may get wet or cause litter.

Trash bag

Do not set plastic bags out alone. They can break and cause litter.

Hazardous Waste

No hazardous waste is allowed. Visit the Montgomery County Website for information about hazardous waste collection events. Hazardous waste items include:

  • Car batteries
  • Gasoline
  • Motor oil
  • Oil-base paints
  • Pesticides
  • Other toxic and hazardous materials do not belong in the trash


A disposal ban in effect, whereby state law prohibits residents from putting covered devices such as televisions, desktop and laptop computers, monitors, keyboards and anything that connects to a computer out for trash collection. Visit the Montgomery County Website for a list of locations that accept TVs and computers.

Four Container Limit

There is a four container limit. If your trash is over the limit due to house, attic or basement clean-outs, you need to make special arrangements with J.P. Mascaro or another hauler to remove the trash for an extra fee.


Questions or problems with your pick-up can be addressed to J.P Mascaro by calling 800-432-1616.