Permit Application Process

Once you have a scope of work and cost estimate, you are ready to apply for a construction permit. Either you or your contractor can complete an application by coming to the Norristown Code Enforcement Department located at

(Temporary offices since May 2021)
1700 Markley St. Suite 104
Norristown, Pa. 19401

Or you can print out the Construction Permit Application(PDF) and mail your application.

Staff Assistance

Staff will assist you in completing the application and making sure you have all of the required documentation for the Construction Code Official to review your permit application.

Architectural Plans

Depending on the scope and complexity of the job, you may be required to submit architectural plans. It is highly recommended that you call ahead and talk to the Construction Code Official to find out if a plan will be required for your particular project. You may also submit your plans for review prior to applying for your permit by completing a Plan Review Application(PDF)

Plan Approval

Once the permit application is submitted and reviewed for completion the plan reviewer will review the application and determine if the application meets the PA UCC Codes and Standards. Any application that is submitted without all required information will be returned to the applicant for completion.  

  • For Residential properties this process can take up to 15 days. 
  • For Commercial properties this process can take up to 30 days. 

Simple jobs take less time and can be approved in approximately 5-7 business days. Jobs that require plans usually take longer, and commercial projects take the most time. 

Permit Inspections

When a permit is issued you will also receive a list of any required inspections that need to be conducted by the Department of Building & Code Enforcement. It is the permit holder or property owner's responsibility to contact the Department of Building & Code Enforcement when they are ready for a required inspection. Contact our office at 610-270-0441 to schedule a permit inspection. 

How Do I Close or Void A Permit?

In order to close out an open permit you must schedule a final inspection with our building inspector. When our building inspector visits your property to inspect the work, as long as the inspector passes the final inspections, our building inspector will close the open permit in our system. 

If you were issued a permit but never followed through on the permitted work you may submit a Request to Close or Void(PDF) an Open Permit to the Department of Building & Code Enforcement to have the open permit closed or voided.

Design Modifications & Corrections

Don’t be surprised if the Construction Code Official contacts you for more information or has identified problems with the design of the project that will need to be corrected. The Construction Code Official can help guide you and your contractor to make sure the project is code compliant.