Boards & Committees

One of the best ways to become engaged with your community is to serve on one of the Municipality's Citizen Advisory Boards and Committees. Whether you are interested in historical preservation, recreational activities, land use practices, or environmental sustainability, the Municipality of Norristown has opportunities for you to volunteer your time and talents.

Make a Difference

These advisory bodies give citizens the opportunity to make a difference by providing input into the Municipal Council’s decision-making process by putting forth recommendations associated with purpose of each board/committee. The Municipality and Municipal Council, in turn, benefit from the expertise and experience of those serving on one (or more) of these advisory boards or committees.

Advisory Body Details

The following details vary for each advisory body:

  • Appointment process
  • Meeting schedules
  • Membership size and requirements
  • Responsibilities
  • Terms of office

Boards and Commissions Manual

Board Vacancy Application Form

Blighted Property Removal Committee

The Blighted Property Removal Committee has the responsibility of designating, certifying, and removing blighted property as defined by the Pennsylvania Urban Redevelopment Law.

Board of Code Appeals

The Board of Code Appeals hears all appeals arising from or relating to any matter arising out of the Municipality’s enforcement of the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, the Norristown Property Maintenance Code, and the Norristown Fire Code.

Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission enforces the rules and regulations pertaining to civil service employees, and certifies the eligibility of qualified applicants for positions and promotions within the Norristown Police and Fire Departments.

Design Review Board

The Design Review Board was established for the purpose of reviewing the design, layout, and other features of proposed developments in order to ensure that their design is in keeping with the intent and purposes set forth in Norristown’s Zoning Ordinance.

Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB)

The HARB’s job is to ensure that any changes to the built environment in Norristown's historic districts are historically appropriate and consistent with the other buildings in the surrounding neighborhood.

Human Relations Commission

Norristown Sewer Authority

The Norristown Municipal Waste Authority was formed in 1993 for the purpose of operating the municipality's sewer system.

Norristown Stormwater Authority

The Norristown Stormwater Authority was formed in 2021 to establish and set a fee for stormwater management what will be applied to all properties in the municipality

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is appointed to provide advice to the Municipal Council and the Zoning Hearing Board with respect to comprehensive land use planning and existing land use in Norristown.

Recreation Committee

The Recreation Committee advises and makes recommendations to the Municipal Council on the formulation of plans, policies, and budget priorities for the operation of Norristown’s Recreation Department.

Shade Tree Commission

The Norristown Shade Tree Commission regulates transplanting, heavy pruning and removing shade streets along the streets and sidewalks of Norristown, in addition to all public lands such as parks.

Zoning Hearing Board

Review information about the Zoning Hearing Board, including meeting information and board responsibilities.