Zoning Fee Schedule

Municipality of Norristown

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Resolution No. 15-146 of 2015

Fee Schedule

VII. Zoning & Land Development

  • 1. Zoning Permit Fees (Non-refundable)
    • Whenever the use or occupancy of a property in the Municipality of Norristown changes, the owner or tenant must obtain a zoning permit prior to occupying the space. Fees cover the cost of review by a zoning officer.
      • a. Single Family Residence $20
      • b. Multi-Family Residence (up to five units) $30
      • c. Multi-Family Resident (over five units) $50
      • d. Commercial $50
    • Once the zoning review is complete, a use and occupancy inspection must be completed and a use and occupancy permit issued (see VI. CODE ENFORCEMENT, BUILDING AND ZONING-Section 4).
  • 2. Zoning Hearing Board Fees
    • Zoning Applicants with use for building or other space is denied by the zoning officer may appeal to the Zoning Hearing Bard. A fee is charged to cover administrative costs, transcription, legal and other costs associated with holding a hearing
      • a. Residential Fee $575
      • b. Multi-use Residential Fee $1,110
      • c. Commercial Fee $1,225
  • 3. Sub-division and Land Development
    • Whenever a parcel of land is divided into two (2) or more lots, or when two (2) or more lots are combined, the property owner must develop a plan and have it reviewed and approved by the Norristown Planning Commission. In addition, whenever a new building or addition is to be constructed, plans for these improvements must come before the Norristown Planning Commission.

VII. Zoning and Land Development (Continued)

  • 3. Sub-division and Land Development (Continued)
    • There are two (2) categories of charges: Administrative fees and Escrow Deposits. Administrative Fees cover the cost of the application review and administration by Planning Department staff. Administrative fees are not refundable. Escrow deposits are intended to cover the cost of professional services the Planning Department requires to property review the application. This includes engineering fees and legal fees. Unused escrow funds are returned to the applicant. If the funds escrowed are insufficient to cover expenses, the Municipality reserves the right to require the applicant to provide an additional escrow deposit. For example, if the additional engineering reviews are required because the applicant’s plans were deficient, the Municipality may require additional escrow funds.

      Land Development
      Application Fee
      Escrow Deposit
      Residential, commercial, industrial
      $750 + $150 per acre

      $2,600 + $325 per 1,000 square feet of building area

      Application Fee
      Escrow Deposit
      Two residential lots$300$2,000 + $500 per lot
      Three or more residential lots
      $450 + $200 per lot
      $4,500 + $650 per lot
      Two commercial/industrial lots
      See next section

      Three or more commercial/industrial lots
      See next section

VII. Zoning and Land Development (Continued)

  • 3. Sub-division and Land Development (Continued)
    • A plan review must be completed for all fire detection and suppression systems. The Municipality shall, at its sole discretion, determine when plan reviews for other projects are required.
      • a. Residential Plans $70 per hour
      • b. Commercial Plans $110 per hour
      • c. Administrative Fee $25
  • 4. Conditional Uses
    • Certain uses in the Municipality are allowed only by the approval of Council. In these situations, the applicant must come before Council at a Public Hearing. Fees associated with these hearings cover the cost of advertisement, legal, staff and transcription expenses.
      • a. Single Family Residential $575
      • b. Multi-Family Residential $1,100
      • c. Commercial $1,225