Blighted Property Removal Committee


  • As needed (meeting times are set at the first meeting in January)


The Blighted Property Removal Committee has the responsibility of designating, certifying, and removing blighted property as defined by the Pennsylvania Urban Redevelopment Law (35 P.S. 1712.1). The Committee operates in conjunction and cooperation with the Montgomery County Redevelopment Authority in the acquisition, by exercise of eminent domain or otherwise, and elimination of blighted property within the Municipality.

Membership Requirements

The length of the membership for the Blighted Property Removal Committee is a three-year term. The committee is made of four members which include:

  • 1 Council Member
  • 1 Planning Commission Member
  • 1 Representative from the Montgomery County Redevelopment Authority
  • 1 Staff Member

General Code

A formal description of the committee is detailed in Chapter 8 of the Norristown General Code.