Olivia Brady

Olivia Brady

Olivia Brady

Councilwoman, At-Large

Phone: 610-331-3979
Term: Expires on December 31, 2019

Email: obrady@norristown.org


Olivia is married with one son, and is a resident in the West End where she enjoys reading, cooking, cycling, and gardening when she is not doing Council related activities.

Community Service

Olivia Brady is currently an At-Large Councilwoman for The Municipality of Norristown elected in a special election in 2013. She currently chairs the Codes Committee, and serves on the Public Works and Public Safety committees.

Previous Council Experience

Councilwoman Brady served on Council before during 2000 to 2005, at which time she served on the Econmic Development Committee, worked with the Recreation Committee, work to implement the HARB, and served on numerous citizen boards and committees, many of which she continued serving on after her time on Council.

Stable Neighborhoods

Councilwoman Brady believes that Norristown neighborhoods must be stable first and all residents take a stake in their community. As such, she will work hard to make sure residents feel safe in the town, are continually updated on what is going on regarding issues that are important to them, and have an opportunity to make their voices heard.