Capital Improvement Plan

CIP: 2021-2025

The municipality's second Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is projected to cost $30 million and builds off the work accomplished in the preceding CIP. Improvements to crosswalks and roadways, the building of a new fire department and continued renovations to the Recreation Center — a property acquisition funded in the first CIP — are some of the projects on the list. There are projects and items not incorporated into the general operating budget. Funds for the second CIP are forecasted to come from grants, bonds and other funding streams. 

Municipal Council had discussions at their Sept. 1 meeting about what has been proposed for the CIP: 2021-2025. The plan was finalized at their Sept. 15 meeting. The CIP was amended on Jan. 29, 2021 to remove some items contingent on legacy funds, and insurance money from the Aug. 2020 flood that ravaged baseball fields and the recreation center have been incorporated.


Amended CIP: 2021-2025 (from Jan. 19, 2021)

Approved CIP: 2021-2025

CIP: 2017-2021

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) identified capital projects and equipment purchases during 2017-2021 using a $10 million fund to acquire property, improve parks, and begin renovating municipal hall.  

This page is intended to give residents an opportunity to learn about Norristown's FIRST CIP and some of the updates on projects that the Municipal Council has chosen.  


$2.9 Million in Municipal Vehicles & Parts

$285K in landscaping equipment

New Street Sweeper
Building Acquisition

$250K for the purchase of a new Recreation Center for the community. The building opened to the public in the fall of 2019. 

Norristown Recreation Center Building


Municipal Council placed infrastructure as a fundamental priority for their community by investing an estimated $3.5 million in Norristown’s aging infrastructure. The Road Maintenance Plan is the most ambitious roads project in Norristown to date, Phase 1 cost an estimated $1.2 million.

Swede Street repaving project

Road Paving completed through the CIP


1      Basin St.              Powell St. TO Willow St

2      W. Beech St.       Noble St. TO Stanbridge St.

3      Buttonwood St.   W. Oak St. TO W. Elm St.


1       Nassau Pl             Green St TO Arch St

2       Angelo St              Piazza St TO Sandy St

3       Franklin St             Lafayette St TO Main St

4       Jefferson St           Main St TO Dead End

5       Moore St                Walnut St TO Violet St

6       Penn St                  Arch St TO Walnut St

7       Cedar St                 Tremont Ave TO New Hope St

8       Green Valley Rd     Wood St TO Fornance St

9       Green Valley Rd     Basin St TO Wood St

10      Chestnut St           DeKalb St TO Green St

11      Penn St                 Green St TO Arch St

12      Freedley St           Locust St TO Powell St

13      Barbadoes St        Ann St TO Airy St


1.      Swede St.       Lafayette to Wood St

2.      Ann St             Barbados St to Cherry St

3.      Poplar St         Astor to Markley

4.      Church St.       Marshall St to Chestnut