Sustainability Links

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Want to learn more about sustainability and/or how to live a more sustainable life? Here are just a few resources (feel free to contact us at if you have additional resources that you would like to share with the community).

Buy Local

The Consumers Handbook for Reducing Solid Waste

Light bulbs

Bottled water

Bottled Water Basics

Energy Vampires

Water Saving Fixtures

Programmable Thermostat

Rain Barrel

Rain Barrel


Guide to Composting

Reusable Shopping Bags

Junk Mail

Purdue University Global Resource Guide

What and How to Recycle

20 Recycling Tips

How Used Cooking Oils and Animal Fats are Recycled

Recycling Glass, Plastic, Metal and more

Sustainability for Businesses

Environmental Awareness when Running a Business

Solar Energy

Students Guide to Solar Energy