How come my car got booted, and how do I get it off?

By ordinance, any vehicle that has three outstanding or unpaid parking tickets or citations is eligible to be booted and/or towed.

Paying Tickets Off

Once the vehicle is booted, the owner typically has 72 hours to pay the tickets off or make other arrangements through the district court on all unpaid tickets. Once the court is satisfied that all tickets are being addressed, the owner must pay all tickets that are still in “ticket” stage through the Finance Department.

Boot Fee

A $100 boot fee must be paid through the Finance Department for any vehicle that was originally booted whether it gets towed later or not.

Vehicle Release & Impounding

Once all of the aforementioned items are taken care of, the department will send an officer out to release the boot (generally within 2 hours). If a car is booted and nothing is done by the owner within the 72 hour period, the car is towed to the appropriate impound yard. To get the vehicle back the owner would have to follow all the procedures described before but also pay the impound fees.

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